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Speed tooling evolutions: 2019 and beyond

Our understanding of how to accurately represent and optimize for a users' experience continues to grow more accurate and informed. Our speed metrics, automation story, and best-practice recommendations are kept up to date to reflect these learnings. This talk covers the newest user-centric metrics in our tools, and how to leverage Google and Chrome's newest features and products to build and maintain an exceptionally fast experience for all of your users.

34 min

Core Web Vitals in the DevTools timeline

Paul Lewis, Philip Walton

The Core Web Vitals are a great way to assess the UX impact of page load performance. In this talk, we cover what the vitals are, where they came from, and how you can use Chrome's DevTools to explor…

38 min

Optimize for Core Web Vitals

Addy Osmani

In this hands-on talk, we cover tips & tricks for optimizing your user-experience to meet the Core Web Vitals. We use tools like Lighthouse & DevTools, show you code snippets for fixes, and highlight…


26 min

Howto: интерактивная визуализация на сотни тысяч элементов внутри браузера

Иван Затравкин

В данном докладе мы рассмотрим комплексный подход к решению проблемы взаимодействия в режиме реального времени с датасетами в сотни тысяч элементов. Посмотрим и проверим, что сработало, а какие идеи …

JavaScript fwdays

36 min

DevTools, more than just a debugger

Chen Hui Jing

The newer CSS features, like Flexbox, Grid or Shapes, introduce new properties and behaviors that can sometimes be complicated to people who are encountering them for the first time. This talk will …

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33 min

Demystifying Speed Tooling

Paul Irish, Elizabeth Sweeny

This talk will provide an overview on how to effectively assess and optimize site performance using a slew of industry grade tooling. Learn how to methodically diagnose, benchmark (against both lab a…


32 min

Mind over Matter: Optimize Performance Without Code

Stéphanie Walter

Did you already optimize every. single. line. of. code. to be found on your website or mobile app? Are you getting tired of hearing about load times and TTFB(Time to first byte)? Do you need to remin…


70 min

Могу ли я спрыгнуть с F5-корабля прямиком в гиперпространство в реальном времени?

Александр Якунин

Каковы связи между обновлениями, работающими в режиме реального времени, инкрементными сборками, кэшированием, избыточностью микросервиса и, наконец, популярностью React? Александр покажет, как набор…

JavaScript fwdays

34 min

I reviewed 200 perf-related webpack plugins so that you don’t have to

Ivan Akulov

There are almost 10 000 npm packages with the “webpack” keyword in their package.json. Almost all of them are webpack loaders or plugins. But many of us have used 10 or 20 of those at most. In this …

React Advanced

27 min

Don’t Let Your Unit Tests Slow You Down

Daniel Irvine

Do your unit tests feel like a chore to maintain? Are they sometimes useful but come with a high maintenance cost? Do you secretly believe you’d work faster without them there? A great test suite sho…

Chrome Dev Summit

30 min

The main thread is overworked & underpaid


Amongst all the platforms for app development, the web is arguably the only one that does not make good use of threading. On the web, the main thread has a lot of responsibilities, and we keep adding…

Chrome Dev Summit

33 min

Chrome extensions and the world of tomorrow

Simeon Vincent

Chrome's extensions platform is undergoing a sea change. Nearly 6 years after the current manifest version was introduced, we are revving it again. Manifest V3 rethinks several of the basics about ho…

23 min

What’s new in DevTools

Paul Lewis, Surma

Let's take a look at the latest and greatest features in Chrome's DevTools. We cover how you can use the Performance Panel to assess your page load metrics, how you can locate issues with your pages,…

Chrome Dev Summit

7 min

Faster apps with JSON.parse

Mathias Bynens

Because the JSON grammar is much simpler than JavaScript’s grammar, JSON can be parsed more efficiently than JavaScript. This knowledge can be applied to improve start-up performance for web apps tha…


61 min

Простая и быстрая реализация парсеров на C#

Карлен Симонян

Создание парсеров и лексических анализаторов — затратное по времени дело. Обычно к ним прибегают при необходимости реализации различного рода формальных грамматик, в том числе предметно-ориентированн…


72 min

Unlocking performance improvements in .NET

Stephen Toub

. Performance is at the heart of .NET, with an incredible amount of energy invested in every release towards making the stack faster and more scalable. In this talk, Stephen Toub will walk through ex…

Chrome Dev Summit

36 min

Adaptive Loading - Improving web performance on slow devices

Addy Osmani, Nate Schloss

Today, developers often build components and routes for a single baseline ("mobile", "desktop"). However, the environment conditions users are in are often much more nuanced. They may be on a device …


34 min

Рендеринг, Почему никто не следит за потерянными кадрами

Сергей Иванов

Современная фронтенд разработка,в частности вопрос производительности, сводится к тому, чтобы удовлетворить набор требований lighthouse или метрик Core Web Vitals. Однако почему среднестатистический …


71 min

Боремся с сетевым оверхедом в распределённых системах

Павел Тупицын

Современные приложения состоят из множества подсистем: базы данных, кеши, брокеры сообщений. Для обработки одного запроса от пользователя сервер может выполнять десятки внутренних подзапросов. Вы ска…


55 min

Is it time to re-sync?

Андрей Печкуров

Современные компьютеры кроют в себе множество аппаратных оптимизаций и особенностей работы ЦП и памяти, понимание которых важно при написании многопоточного кода на любом языке, в том числе и Golang.…