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23 min

What’s new in DevTools

Paul Lewis, Surma

Let's take a look at the latest and greatest features in Chrome's DevTools. We cover how you can use the Performance Panel to assess your page load metrics, how you can locate issues with your pages,…

16 min

What’s new in speed tooling

Elizabeth Sweeny

Our understanding of how to effectively measure and optimize a user's experience is continually evolving, and we keep our metrics and tooling updated to reflect the latest in our learnings. This talk…

34 min

Core Web Vitals in the DevTools timeline

Paul Lewis, Philip Walton

The Core Web Vitals are a great way to assess the UX impact of page load performance. In this talk, we cover what the vitals are, where they came from, and how you can use Chrome's DevTools to explor…

38 min

Optimize for Core Web Vitals

Addy Osmani

In this hands-on talk, we cover tips & tricks for optimizing your user-experience to meet the Core Web Vitals. We use tools like Lighthouse & DevTools, show you code snippets for fixes, and highlight…

JavaScript fwdays

36 min

DevTools, more than just a debugger

Chen Hui Jing

The newer CSS features, like Flexbox, Grid or Shapes, introduce new properties and behaviors that can sometimes be complicated to people who are encountering them for the first time. This talk will …

Chrome Dev Summit

23 min

Speed tooling evolutions: 2019 and beyond

Elizabeth Sweeny, Paul Irish

Our understanding of how to accurately represent and optimize for a users' experience continues to grow more accurate and informed. Our speed metrics, automation story, and best-practice recommendati…

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29 min

Demystify Modern CSS Layouts with DevTools

Hui Jing Chen

Flexbox, Grid and Box alignment properties are powerful and versatile new additions to our web development toolkit. However, they may be slightly confusing to wrap your head around if you do not comp…