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JavaScript fwdays

Conference that focuses solely on JS developers, brings together 1000 participants, and has been running for 8 years straight.

JavaScript fwdays

53 min

Did we(b development) lose the right direction?

Stefan Judis

Keeping up with the state of web technology is one of the biggest challenges for us developers today. We invent new tools; we define new best practices, everything’s new, always... And we do all that…

JavaScript fwdays

34 min

Building the web in the web

Sara Vieira

Every day I work to build something where anyone can build the web in the web and in my opinion its time for me to put my idea to the test so in this talk we are gonna build an app that prints Kanye …

JavaScript fwdays

39 min

The best is yet to come: the Future of React

Matheus Albuquerque

A wise man once said: "React is such a good idea that we will spend the rest of the decade continuing to explore its implications and applications”. In 2017, React Fiber was the thing in the communi…

JavaScript fwdays

36 min

DevTools, more than just a debugger

Chen Hui Jing

The newer CSS features, like Flexbox, Grid or Shapes, introduce new properties and behaviors that can sometimes be complicated to people who are encountering them for the first time. This talk will …

JavaScript fwdays

34 min

I reviewed 200 perf-related webpack plugins so that you don’t have to

Ivan Akulov

There are almost 10 000 npm packages with the “webpack” keyword in their package.json. Almost all of them are webpack loaders or plugins. But many of us have used 10 or 20 of those at most. In this …

JavaScript fwdays

64 min

HTML: The Good Parts, fwdays'20

Вадим Макеев

Html, head, title, base, link, meta, style, body, article, section, nav, aside, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, header, footer, p, address, hr, pre, blockquote, ol, ul, li, dl, dt, dd, figure, figcaption, ma…

JavaScript fwdays

34 min

How Google Search renders the web - a look behind the curtain

Martin Splitt

Googlebot renders websites for Google Search. In this talk, we look a little closer into the challenges of rendering the web at scale and what your website should do to make sure you're free of surpr…