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ASP.NET Blazor programming 101

Задаём тренд — пишем на C# в браузере. Blazor is a client-side framework capable of running C# code that unlike its notorious far ancestor Silverlight doesn't suffer from plugin-itis and doesn't force you away from HTML and CSS (no XAML-itis as well). If you have an ASP.NET background, Blazor is easier to pick up than Angular or React — just the natural next step from classic server-side web programming. It's C#, though, and this is good and bad. But it's ASP.NET Core and this is not bad at all. In the session, we'll see a few examples and glimpses of what it could be to take Blazor for development. Did I mention that some parts of Blazor are included in ASP.NET Core 3.0?

Frontend Love

9 min

Blazor with WebAssembly

Don Wibier

One of the latest technologies targeting front-end development that is gaining quite some traction isWebAssembly. And the latest development stack for it is Blazor! While it’s still in preview mode, …


60 min

ASP.NET Core 3.0: State of the art

Dino Esposito

Новый фреймворк, определяющий стандарт на ближайшие годы. A lot has happened in the past five years concerning .NET Core and ASP.NET Core development. With version 3.0 coming out, it's time to look …


70 min

Могу ли я спрыгнуть с F5-корабля прямиком в гиперпространство в реальном времени?

Александр Якунин

Каковы связи между обновлениями, работающими в режиме реального времени, инкрементными сборками, кэшированием, избыточностью микросервиса и, наконец, популярностью React? Александр покажет, как набор…


71 min

SOLID – The five commandments of good software

Chris Klug

The SOLID principles. The five commandments of the software world. Forgotten for years, as developers focused on JavaScript frameworks with stupid names and complicated patterns. Not grasping that th…


58 min

The future of NET desktop development

Nico Vermeir

Microsoft возвращает к жизни WinForms и WPF на новой платформе .NET Core. Посмотрим, к чему это приведет. Was there ever any doubt that desktop development is alive and kicking? With .NET Core 3.0 a…


59 min

Многопоточность в .NET: когда производительности не хватает

Евгений Пешков

Ошибки и проблемы использования многопоточности в .NET. Платформа .NET предоставляет множество готовых примитивов синхронизации и потокобезопасных коллекций. Если при разработке приложения нужно реа…


49 min

Кросс процедурный анализ потока управления

Андрей Дятлов

Вы задумывались, как ReSharper анализирует ваш код? В докладе Андрей с практическими примерами расскажет о том, как писать кросс-процедурные анализы кода и почему это теперь необходимо для самых раз…


59 min

How I built Rockstar: Parsing esoteric languages with .NET

Dylan Beattie

In 2018, Dylan Beattie created an esoteric programming language called Rockstar, designed for creating computer programs that are also rock song lyrics. The language was initially created as a joke..…


56 min

Writing a custom, real-world .NET GC

Konrad Kokosa

Кто, если не автор Pro .NET Memory Management, расскажет, как писать собственный GC для .NET? As you may already know, starting with .NET Core 2.1 a new feature called Local GC has been added. It al…


72 min

Unlocking performance improvements in .NET

Stephen Toub

. Performance is at the heart of .NET, with an incredible amount of energy invested in every release towards making the stack faster and more scalable. In this talk, Stephen Toub will walk through ex…


72 min

Blazor сomponents deep dive

Roland Guijt

We'll explore the anatomy of a Blazor component in this session and see how the code generation system operates that does its work behind the scenes. Also, you'll experience advanced Blazor componen…


54 min

Что нового в C# 8

Дмитрий Нестерук

Новых фич C# 8 много, надо про все знать. Очередной релиз C# приносит достаточно много новых фич, которые хочется обсудить. Тут присутствуют как кардинальные изменения, которые затрагивают весь язык…


56 min

Async programming in .NET: Best practices

Дмитрий Иванов

Всё ли известно про async/await? Мы уверены, что нет — Дмитрий расскажет все тонкости работы с ними. Появление async/await в C# привело к пересмотру того, как писать простой и корректный параллельны…


71 min

Introduction to open source Uno Platform

Jérôme Laban

Developing cross-platform apps for Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, and WebAssembly can be a complex process, especially when it comes to the user interface. Each platform has its ways of defining dynam…


58 min

NUKE — a modern build system for C#/.NET

Matthias Koch

Founded in April 2017, NUKE is a free, open source build automation system for C#/.NET that runs cross-platform on .NET Core, .NET Framework, and Mono. While builds are bootstrapped with conventional…

NDC London

47 min

Using Immutable Data Structures in C# and .NET

Spencer Schneidenbach

Immutable objects - aka objects whose properties and fields can't change after instantiation - are one of the fundamental pillars of functional programming. Yet, it also has other great uses in class…


61 min

Raspberry PI and .NET Core on Linux

Raffaele Rialdi

Given the new capabilities of .NET Core to run on Linux and ARM CPUs, creating an IoT application is straightforward. But don't stop at the blinking led because you would miss the most important desi…


61 min

I don't feel so well… Integrating health checks in your .NET Core solutions

Alex Thissen

Как контролировать хаос. Relax! This man is not here to break your software. But he's here to show you how you can break the software you develop without changing the actual code! Now, you're probab…


28 min

From Fortran on the Desktop to Kubernetes in the Cloud: A Windows Migration Story

Elton Stoneman

How do you provide a SaaS offering when your product is a 10-year old Fortran app, currently built to run on Windows 10? With Docker and Kubernetes of course - and you can do it in a week (... to pro…