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Is the site fast yet?

As the owners of web performance, my team is often asked some version of the question “Is the site fast yet?”. While it sounds simple, it's actually impossible to answer without asking more questions. “Is our site fast in New York but slow in Sydney? Is it fast on all devices or just on desktop? How fast is fast enough and most importantly, what does fast even mean?”. In this talk, I’ll share what we've learned while finding an answer to this question, including how to conduct a performance audit, how to talk about performance with your teammates outside of engineering, and how to advocate for your users by making performance a priority.

38 min

Optimize for Core Web Vitals

Addy Osmani

In this hands-on talk, we cover tips & tricks for optimizing your user-experience to meet the Core Web Vitals. We use tools like Lighthouse & DevTools, show you code snippets for fixes, and highlight…

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33 min

Demystifying Speed Tooling

Paul Irish, Elizabeth Sweeny

This talk will provide an overview on how to effectively assess and optimize site performance using a slew of industry grade tooling. Learn how to methodically diagnose, benchmark (against both lab a…

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29 min

The Web in Different Parts of the World

Kenji Baheux

This talk will provide insights about markets that tend to be not well-understood such as India or Indonesia. The goal is to provide an overview of what makes these markets interesting but challengin…

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22 min

Web Ready Augmented Reality in 47 Lines of Code

Ali Spittel

Augmented reality is becoming more popular for both its artistic and business applications. This talk will explore the frameworks and tools that make AR more developer friendly, including adding live…


94 min

Techies in Virusland

Federico Lois

The pandemic has brought people from every corner of the world and with different expertise to try to understand its behavior. In this session, one of the authors of "SARS-CoV-2 waves in Europe: A 2-…


24 min

Rust для web-разработчиков

Александр Колесов

Узнаем, почему разработчики так любят Rust. Разберем, насколько данный язык подходит для web разработки.

OdessaFrontend Meetup

44 min

Эффективность с большой буквы Э… или любой другой

Евгений Кравцов

Вы часто слышали слова «Результативность», «Производительность», «Эффективность», но их смысл стал размываться. Евгений Кравцов рассказывает о настоящем значении этих слов, применительно к профессион…


71 min

Боремся с сетевым оверхедом в распределённых системах

Павел Тупицын

Современные приложения состоят из множества подсистем: базы данных, кеши, брокеры сообщений. Для обработки одного запроса от пользователя сервер может выполнять десятки внутренних подзапросов. Вы ска…

C++ Siberia

87 min

Незаменимый С++

Антон Полухин

Каждый новомодный язык программирования норовит заявить о том, что он быстрее, надёжнее и вообще по всем параметрам в несколько раз лучше C++

CSSConf Budapest

29 min

CSS Architecture for Modern Web Applications

Mike Riethmuller

How we build and maintain style systems has changed in the last few year. Tasks that once required specific knowledge and careful management are now trusted to build tools and frameworks with better …

34 min

Core Web Vitals in the DevTools timeline

Paul Lewis, Philip Walton

The Core Web Vitals are a great way to assess the UX impact of page load performance. In this talk, we cover what the vitals are, where they came from, and how you can use Chrome's DevTools to explor…

Chrome Dev Summit

30 min

The main thread is overworked & underpaid


Amongst all the platforms for app development, the web is arguably the only one that does not make good use of threading. On the web, the main thread has a lot of responsibilities, and we keep adding…


25 min

Creating VR (and AR) on the web. Take 2.

Ricardo Cabello

Back in 2016 we thought we finally VR on the web had arrived. Unfortunately the WebVR API was not future proof and it had to be reworked. It’s now 2019 and WebXR, the successor API, is now landing in…

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28 min

Web Monetization: An Alternative to Ads

Stefan Thomas

Independent creators on the web today are increasingly forced into a handful of content platforms. Web Monetization is a proposed new web standard which provides an alternative to ads and site-by-sit…


34 min

Рендеринг, Почему никто не следит за потерянными кадрами

Сергей Иванов

Современная фронтенд разработка,в частности вопрос производительности, сводится к тому, чтобы удовлетворить набор требований lighthouse или метрик Core Web Vitals. Однако почему среднестатистический …


43 min

Аутентификация в вебе. История развития

Алексей Авдеев



26 min

Howto: интерактивная визуализация на сотни тысяч элементов внутри браузера

Иван Затравкин

В данном докладе мы рассмотрим комплексный подход к решению проблемы взаимодействия в режиме реального времени с датасетами в сотни тысяч элементов. Посмотрим и проверим, что сработало, а какие идеи …

JavaScript fwdays

34 min

I reviewed 200 perf-related webpack plugins so that you don’t have to

Ivan Akulov

There are almost 10 000 npm packages with the “webpack” keyword in their package.json. Almost all of them are webpack loaders or plugins. But many of us have used 10 or 20 of those at most. In this …

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27 min

The Tailored Web: Effectively Honoring Visual Preferences

Melanie Richards

The web platform is evolving to support more native capabilities, including integration with a user's OS-level settings. By using new CSS standards to honor a user's preferences around contrast and c…