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React Kyiv

44 min

React Native for React Developers

Igor Kachura

Over the past year and a half, he has been working a lot with React Native. In this talk, he is going to cover how he got into it and made the move from React to RN. He’ll explain how React Native di…

React Advanced

24 min

Offline-first in React-Native: How to Lose Your Web Dev Reflexes and Build

Josh Warwick

"React has helped us build web applications faster than ever, but turns out this doesn’t help build mobile apps. The main hurdle for web developers coming to mobile development (native apps with Reac…

React Advanced

33 min

Hooking Up A Conference In Real-Time With React Native & GraphQL

Nader Dabit

"You’re starting a conference. You announce the conference, start planning the venue, getting sponsors, & fielding talks. Things start getting serious, & before you know it you’re overloaded with obl…

React Advanced

32 min

React Native at Wix - Architecture For App in Scale

Omri Bruchim

Ever wondered how to use micro-services approach in a FED\mobile application? Hesitating to choose React Native for your big project? I’m here to eliminate the school of thought that React Native is …

React Advanced

32 min

React Native: the Past, the Present and the Future

Lorenzo Sciandra

"React Native is now 4 years old. During this time, we’ve observed more progression than ever before towards the vision of a cross-platform mobile solution. Even still, we have yet to realise its cor…

React Advanced

21 min

Build your own Native Module

Patrick Loureiro

Sometimes an app needs to access a platform API and React Native doesn’t have a corresponding module yet. Maybe you want to reuse some existing Objective-C, Swift or C++ code without having to reimpl…

React Advanced

28 min

Accessibility with React Native Apps in a Blind World

Alexandre Magno Teles Zimerer

Handle accessibility in a real context to make your apps accessible for blind people goes beyond the accessibility label and guidelines on the React Native documentation, and discover new accessibili…


24 min

Universal Components & Deterministic Rendering

Fernando Via Canel

With the advent of React Native, we became able to develop user interfaces for multiple platforms using the same technology. What would it take to write the same application and have it working in al…


55 min

React Native для самых маленьких: опыт мобильной разработки

Артем Лашевский

Что делать, если в бэклоге продуктовой команды появилась задача по разработке мобильного приложения с целью проверки гипотезы востребованности продукта и его удобства для пользователей? Я знаю ответ…