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27 min

How to Get Started with Docker

Peter McKee

Containers are essential in today's modern development world. The Docker toolset is the easiest way to get started with containers and Kubernetes. In this talk, we'll walk through installing Docker a…


29 min

Docker Desktop & WSL 2 Integration Deep Dive

Simon Ferquel

Have you ever wondered how Docker Desktop on Windows works with WSL 2 to provide a better developer experience? This talk will dive deep into the Docker Desktop and WSL architectures and show how the…


31 min

How to Create PHP Development Environments with Docker Compose

Erika Heidi

With the popularization of microservices and distributed systems, containers became a popular choice for creating lightweight and disposable environments that can be easily replicated and distributed…


21 min

Hardening Docker Daemon with Rootless Mode

Akihiro Suda

Docker supports "Rootless mode", which allows running the entire Docker daemon and its dependencies as a non-root user on the host, so as to protect the host from malicious containers in a simple but…


28 min

From Fortran on the Desktop to Kubernetes in the Cloud: A Windows Migration Story

Elton Stoneman

How do you provide a SaaS offering when your product is a 10-year old Fortran app, currently built to run on Windows 10? With Docker and Kubernetes of course - and you can do it in a week (... to pro…


71 min

PaaS в Avito

Александр Лукьянченко

Что такое PaaS? Что нам стоит построить микросервисную архитектуру с точки зрения платформы? Какие компоненты нам необходимы, чтобы не тормозить разработку продукта? Посмотрим на то из каких компонен…

NDC DevOps

58 min

Top Secret Cloud Native Security Lessons

Ben Hall

Cloud native technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, Istio and more are becoming the foundations of software development and infrastructure deployments. With these new technologies, a new set of les…

OdessaFrontend Meetup

36 min

Можно ли жить без Docker?

Юрий Чихрай

Последнее время технология Docker у всех на слуху, и в жизни каждого разработчика рано или поздно наступает момент, когда перед ним стоит вопрос: «а оно (Docker) мне надо?». Если на серверной части п…