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JSConf Budapest

Conference for Javascript developers

JSConf Budapest

28 min

Looking under the rug: the art of learning from failure

Isa Silveira

The tech industry has a longtime history of cultivating heroes and epic stories of success. “Look how this tiny startup became an industry giant!”, “Did you hear Joe just got his dream job?”, “Learn …

JSConf Budapest

29 min

Testing presentation components visually

Balázs Korossy-Khayll

You have written all the unit tests, integration and e2e tests imaginable to your project, your code coverage is in the skies, you are sure that everything is in working order, your application is re…

JSConf Budapest

21 min

Algorithms and Their Habitat

Vitalii Bobrov

Algorithms are mysterious beasts that hard to catch in the source code. However, well-chosen data structures and efficient algorithms applied to a web app is a key to performance. I want to show how …

JSConf Budapest

23 min

StrangerDanger: Finding Security Vulnerabilities Before They Find You!

Liran Tal

Open source modules on the NPM ecosystem are undoubtedly awesome. However, they also represent an undeniable and massive risk. You’re introducing someone else’s code into your system, often with litt…

JSConf Budapest

22 min

Take on me, web browsers!

Eva Ferreira

In 1985 pop music was mesmerized by the a-ha “Take on me” music video. It’s been almost 35 years since then, the world needs new catchy tunes with impressive video animations… on the web. In this ta…

JSConf Budapest

28 min

A privacy first period tracker? Is it even possible?

Benedicte Raae

Do I want to track my cycles? Yes. Do I want the tracker to push my data to a third party? Hell NO! Do I want the data lying around unencrypted in a database somewhere? Not really. Do I want backup a…

JSConf Budapest

27 min

Deciphering Brainwaves with the Web Audio API

Braden Moore

Early last year, my colleagues and I did something amazing — using only JavaScript, the browser, and the Web Audio API, we were able to decipher brainwaves. It sounds sensational, but it’s (mostly) t…

JSConf Budapest

29 min

Mastering UIs with Finite State Machines

Rubén Sospedra

Did you ever feel like monkey patching your UI component? Adding too many if/else, handling a lot of complexity or hacking several non-desired side effects. Did you ever have a problem with double-cl…