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Our Privacy and the Web

Privacy is the how we form our sense of self, become individuals and form relationships. It’s also how we form critical thoughts, and then decide whether we share them. Sometimes we invent technology that helps with this. Mozilla’s founders believed privacy to be such an important concept that they enshrined it in our manifesto here. Mozilla Privacy Principle #4 is Individuals’ security and privacy on the internet are fundamental and must not be treated as optional. This principle guides much of the privacy technical work we do, balanced against social and political realities. This talk describes some of the work Firefox does to combat online surveillance and ensure user privacy and security.

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33 min

Demystifying Speed Tooling

Paul Irish, Elizabeth Sweeny

This talk will provide an overview on how to effectively assess and optimize site performance using a slew of industry grade tooling. Learn how to methodically diagnose, benchmark (against both lab a…


25 min

Creating VR (and AR) on the web. Take 2.

Ricardo Cabello

Back in 2016 we thought we finally VR on the web had arrived. Unfortunately the WebVR API was not future proof and it had to be reworked. It’s now 2019 and WebXR, the successor API, is now landing in…

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22 min

Web Ready Augmented Reality in 47 Lines of Code

Ali Spittel

Augmented reality is becoming more popular for both its artistic and business applications. This talk will explore the frameworks and tools that make AR more developer friendly, including adding live…


52 min

30 лет — полёт нормальный!

Виталий Харисов, Ольга Алексашенко, Сергей Бережной, Сергей Чикуёнок

Вебу исполнилось 30 лет. С лёгким флёром ностальгии поговорим о его взрослении, развитии и самочувствии в 2021 году. Обсудим нашу профессию, сложности и задачи, сопровождение проектов, актуальные тем…

Chrome Dev Summit

27 min

Protecting users on a thriving web

Emily Stark, Michael Kleber

From spoofy phishing sites to cross-site tracking, it can be hard to know where you are and what's being observed about you on the web. Chrome’s goal is to help people make safe decisions amidst this…


24 min

Rust для web-разработчиков

Александр Колесов

Узнаем, почему разработчики так любят Rust. Разберем, насколько данный язык подходит для web разработки.

JavaScript fwdays

34 min

Building the web in the web

Sara Vieira

Every day I work to build something where anyone can build the web in the web and in my opinion its time for me to put my idea to the test so in this talk we are gonna build an app that prints Kanye …

38 min

Optimize for Core Web Vitals

Addy Osmani

In this hands-on talk, we cover tips & tricks for optimizing your user-experience to meet the Core Web Vitals. We use tools like Lighthouse & DevTools, show you code snippets for fixes, and highlight…

JavaScript fwdays

53 min

Did we(b development) lose the right direction?

Stefan Judis

Keeping up with the state of web technology is one of the biggest challenges for us developers today. We invent new tools; we define new best practices, everything’s new, always... And we do all that…


67 min

Эволюция способов сохранения конфиденциальной информации в секрете

Александра Калинина

Каждый программист в своей жизни встречается с информацией, которую необходимо держать в секрете: пароли к учеткам, секретные ключи доступа, CVV код от карточки, в конце концов. Однако не каждый сраз…

JSConf Budapest

28 min

A privacy first period tracker? Is it even possible?

Benedicte Raae

Do I want to track my cycles? Yes. Do I want the tracker to push my data to a third party? Hell NO! Do I want the data lying around unencrypted in a database somewhere? Not really. Do I want backup a…

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27 min

The Tailored Web: Effectively Honoring Visual Preferences

Melanie Richards

The web platform is evolving to support more native capabilities, including integration with a user's OS-level settings. By using new CSS standards to honor a user's preferences around contrast and c…


43 min

Аутентификация в вебе. История развития

Алексей Авдеев


Yet another Mobile Party

40 min

FOMO в разработке

Никита Куликов, Михаил Левченко

В необычном формате видеоподкаста мы обсудим FOMO в разработке.

Yet another Mobile Party

42 min

Поговорим про факапы

Евгений Мацюк, Александр Денисов

В необычном формате видеоподкаста мы поделимся самыми страшными историями про свои факапы


71 min

Behind modern concurrency primitives

Bartosz Sypytkowski

During this talk, we'll cover the theory and practical implementation behind the most common patterns in modern multi-threaded programming. How our everyday libraries and frameworks optimize the use …


41 min

Под капотом робота-доставщика

Дмитрий Добрынин

Многие компании занимаются робототехникой и роботизацией, однако в задаче автоматизации последней мили пока нет явного лидера, как нет и общепринятого стандарта, описывающего, как должен выглядеть и …


63 min

Когда документация — просто космос

Наталья Теплхина, Дэн Абрамов, Алена Батицкая

Вы написали библиотеку. Но чтобы ей начали пользоваться, к ней должна прилагаться хорошая и понятная документация. Как её писать? Что делать, если нужна многоязычность? Как создать понятную навигацию…


67 min

Introduction to the Microsoft identity platform for developers

Christos Matskas

If you ever had to deal with identity within your solutions then this is the session for you. Join Christos to find out how to implement authentication and authorization for your applications using t…