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Keynote: Performance is magic

This talk will explore strategies for fixing performance issues in your apps when they arise. We will look at how we can make our React apps “Blazing” fast, and when it’s time to bail out of React in the name of perf.

React Advanced

20 min

A More Readable React Codebase Using TypeScript, GraphQL, and Hooks

Emma Brillhart

We’ve all looked at a chunk of code and had no idea what it does - only to realize that we were the ones who wrote it, six or so months ago. If we can’t read our own code after a few months, how can …

React Advanced

28 min

Visual Feature Engineering for Machine Learning with React

Olga Petrova

Tensorflow.js brought Machine Learning to Javascript that gives a wide range of possibilities. Now it is possible to build, train and use ML models directly in browser. But the efficiency of ML model…

34 min

Core Web Vitals in the DevTools timeline

Paul Lewis, Philip Walton

The Core Web Vitals are a great way to assess the UX impact of page load performance. In this talk, we cover what the vitals are, where they came from, and how you can use Chrome's DevTools to explor…

React Advanced

28 min

Hooked on D3: Creating Animated Ch(art)s with D3 and React Hooks

Monica Wojciechowska

From a quick glance, it might not seem like D3 and React are a match made in heaven. After all, they’re both all about being in charge - who gets to render, who gets to update, who gets to decide how…


15 min

React Hooks

Oleksandr Oleksiv


React Advanced

33 min

React (with Hooks) from Scratch

Shawn Wang

In this talk, we’ll create an effective mental model of React Hooks by building a tiny clone of React! This will serve two purposes – to demonstrate the effective use of closures, and to show how you…

Chrome Dev Summit

36 min

Adaptive Loading - Improving web performance on slow devices

Addy Osmani, Nate Schloss

Today, developers often build components and routes for a single baseline ("mobile", "desktop"). However, the environment conditions users are in are often much more nuanced. They may be on a device …


34 min

Рендеринг, Почему никто не следит за потерянными кадрами

Сергей Иванов

Современная фронтенд разработка,в частности вопрос производительности, сводится к тому, чтобы удовлетворить набор требований lighthouse или метрик Core Web Vitals. Однако почему среднестатистический …

38 min

Optimize for Core Web Vitals

Addy Osmani

In this hands-on talk, we cover tips & tricks for optimizing your user-experience to meet the Core Web Vitals. We use tools like Lighthouse & DevTools, show you code snippets for fixes, and highlight…

React Advanced

24 min

What a Drag

Vojtech Miksu

"Can we do this thing drag and droppable?". That’s one of the sentences that every front end developer fears the most. There are many DnD libraries out there but did you ever consider building someth…

Chrome Dev Summit

30 min

The main thread is overworked & underpaid


Amongst all the platforms for app development, the web is arguably the only one that does not make good use of threading. On the web, the main thread has a lot of responsibilities, and we keep adding…


32 min

Mind over Matter: Optimize Performance Without Code

Stéphanie Walter

Did you already optimize every. single. line. of. code. to be found on your website or mobile app? Are you getting tired of hearing about load times and TTFB(Time to first byte)? Do you need to remin…

SECON.Weekend про fromtend

84 min

Разбираемся в сортах реактивности

Дмитрий Карловский

Сравним различные подходы к реактивному программированию. Вытащим на поверхность их подводные камни. И разберём как реактивность решает или наоборот усугубляет проблемы.

29 min

React Reconciler: как написать собственный рендерер

Ярослав Лосев

Что такое “реконсиляция” в React и какой путь проходит компонент от кода до отрисовки на экран, какие рендереры уже существуют и как написать свой собственный на примере отрисовки React-компонентов в…


47 min

@yandex ui

Владимир Гринеко

Презентация @yandex/ui — open source библиотеки React-компонентов от Яндекса. Компоненты используются внутри и отвечают самым строгим требованиям: темизируемость (дизайн отдельно, управление визуалом…

JavaScript fwdays

39 min

The best is yet to come: the Future of React

Matheus Albuquerque

A wise man once said: "React is such a good idea that we will spend the rest of the decade continuing to explore its implications and applications”. In 2017, React Fiber was the thing in the communi…


26 min

Howto: интерактивная визуализация на сотни тысяч элементов внутри браузера

Иван Затравкин

В данном докладе мы рассмотрим комплексный подход к решению проблемы взаимодействия в режиме реального времени с датасетами в сотни тысяч элементов. Посмотрим и проверим, что сработало, а какие идеи …

React Advanced

27 min

Don’t Let Your Unit Tests Slow You Down

Daniel Irvine

Do your unit tests feel like a chore to maintain? Are they sometimes useful but come with a high maintenance cost? Do you secretly believe you’d work faster without them there? A great test suite sho…


63 min

Когда документация — просто космос

Наталья Теплхина, Дэн Абрамов, Алена Батицкая

Вы написали библиотеку. Но чтобы ей начали пользоваться, к ней должна прилагаться хорошая и понятная документация. Как её писать? Что делать, если нужна многоязычность? Как создать понятную навигацию…