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Frontend Love

23 min

Practical A11Y for Web Apps

Bob Bijvoet

Accessibility (A11Y) is an often misunderstood topic by developers. We also tend to not see the importance and if we see it, we struggle on getting started because it’s such broad topic. What can we …


26 min

Time Control in Web Accessibility

Сергей Кригер

The time of plain web pages and dial-up internet is gone forever. We live in the world where our devices are able to simultaneously operate with tons of data. Tweets, notifications, alert messages, p…


22 min

Building Socially-Inclusive Design Systems

Tatiana Mac

Design systems have become the de facto approach for teams of all sizes to design anything and everything. As prototyping and development tools evolve to accommodate these systems, the barrier to ent…

React Advanced

28 min

Accessibility with React Native Apps in a Blind World

Alexandre Magno Teles Zimerer

Handle accessibility in a real context to make your apps accessible for blind people goes beyond the accessibility label and guidelines on the React Native documentation, and discover new accessibili…


51 min

Drag&Drop-компоненты для слепых пользователей. Вы шутите?

Сергей Кригер

Передвигать вещи для нас настолько естественно, что мы перенесли это из мира вещей в веб. Сортировка todo-списков, организация дашбордов, загрузка файлов — мы просто не можем себе представить все эти…


51 min

Web Components and the AOM

Léonie Watson

We can use Web Components to create reusable solutions. With Custom Elements, the Shadow DOM, HTML Templates, the Web Speech API, and a little ARIA, we can create a progressively more advanced soluti…