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The Lead Developer is an online community that develops thought-leading content in the form of conferences and meetups designed with the needs and pain points of technical team leads in mind. We programme each event around our three key themes of Team, Tech & Tools. The talks are designed to help very practically with common problems in these areas.

LeadDev Live

21 min

Engineering management in the time of coronavirus

Samuel Serban

As unprecedented situations occur, as a company it is your duty to ensure the safety of your employees. As such, you've made the decision to work remotely; you've made sure everyone's safe and that t…

LeadDev Live

44 min

Strategies for rapidly pivoting to remote work

Lena Reinhard, Katie Womersley, Juan Pablo Buritica, Alice Goldfuss

As the spread of coronavirus has escalated in the last few weeks, more companies have closed offices and moved to entirely remote working. For those experienced in remote work, the benefits are clear…

LeadDev Live

32 min

I’m newly remote under coronavirus, AMA

Kathleen Vignos, Chris Alden, Adrian Cruz, Ale Paredes

In this session, we’ve assembled a group of engineering leaders who have had their working life affected by coronavirus. Attendees will have the opportunity to pre-submit questions to the panel to un…

LeadDev Live

44 min

Avoiding the pitfalls of rebuilding software

Jai Chakrabarti, Bryan Liles, Dan Berry, Erica Stanley

If you think back to the work you were doing last year, it probably feels miles away - and that’s great! As engineers, we’re continually building and creating great new stuff - it’s what we do. But …

LeadDev Live

49 min

Finding potential in your interview processes

Jason Wong, Clement Ho, Dominique Simoneau-Ritchie, Shannon Hogue-Brown

Hiring engineers is hard. And with over half of C-suite executives saying that the future of their company relies on being able to source engineering talent, making the correct decisions about who to…

LeadDev Live

36 min

Apps, stacks & frameworks: Avoiding "Shiny Object" Syndrome

Angel Rivera

Technology is fast moving, and devops tools pop up like wildfire. Teams are desperate to solve their problems & often make implementation decisions based on word of mouth, “kick the tires” syndrome o…

LeadDev Live

26 min

Risky business: taking risks in production

Mathew Hawthorne, Leemay Nassery

Being an engineer, we all have at least one common thread: We like to build things. That is why writing code and architecting platforms that scale for millions of customers is appealing. However, shi…